Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Facebook Messenger can be used for calling a cab, How?

Facebook Messenger is a place through which you can communicate with anyone or everyone flawlessly with everyone. It has become a place where everybody share pictures, make party plan and can discuss on any topic, this platform is now also can be used in sending money from one place to another, and talking to your favorite merchant about the purchase of items and do get the updates on the delivery etc.

This Messenger is now having a facility to call transportation cab like Uber, Ola and other are joining it very soon along with this facility Facebook Messenger do provide us more facilities like fixing business meetings, video conferencing, future board meetings and discussing the business model with the team so everybody get the information which they required.

This Facebook’s unique feature make everybody become aware regarding the ride in cab through its chat portal and anybody can see your daily updates and can be a part of your journey.
The thing only which is required to use this feature, just make sure you do have an updated version of the Facebook Messenger. Steps on how to do it.
1. Open Facebook Messenger.
2. Now, open any existing chat threads.
3. Tap on the Three Dots icon on the top right side of the messenger. Now, you will see a menu, which will contain the “Request a Ride” option. Click it.
4. If Uber, or Ola, or both are available in your area, company name you will see in front and it will do let you know about the estimated time of arrival with location.
5. Now, click on the company in which you want to ride and order that.
For more information please visit www.office.com/setup

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